I can also help with other family, relationship, and business issues, including:

Whether serving as a mediator or representing one party, I can help with any of the following:

  • Premarital agreements, sometimes called prenuptial or antenuptial agreements.
  • Agreements to improve or preserve a marriage or other relationship, sometimes called postmarital agreements.
  • Post-divorce agreements or modifications to existing agreements.
  • Issues involving the care and/or finances of aging parents (elder care)
  • Adult sibling disagreements
  • Conflict involving inheritances, such as what to do with inherited real estate shared by two or more heirs
  • Family business conflict, such as the roles, responsibilities, and rights of family members and non-family participants
  • Family business separations and succession — ongoing conflict or planning to avoid future conflict
  • Conflict in privately held partnerships and other non-family businesses