Are you looking for a family mediator to help with conflict other than divorce, or with making important decisions together?

If so, serving as your mediator, I can help you have the conversations needed to resolve the issues.  The things I can help with as a mediator include:

  • Premarital (prenuptial) agreements
  • New agreements during your marriage to help improve and preserve it
  • Separation agreements (living arrangements, co-parenting, support)
  • Property settlement agreements
  • Spousal support (alimony) agreements – both interim (during separation) and longer term (e.g. post-divorce)
  • Parenting agreements and parenting plans
  • Child-support agreements
  • Changes to any of the above when the original agreement is not working optimally
  • Domestic relations orders, including QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders) needed for the allocation between divorcing spouses of retirement accounts, benefits, and pensions, such as civilian public employee pensions, e.g.
    • Private company 401(k) plans and traditional defined-benefit pensions.
    • Public-school or nonprofit organization 403(b) plans
    • State and local government 457(b) plans
    • Federal retirement plans, including basic federal retirement benefits under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and Thrift Savings Plans (TSP)
  • Agreements needed for the allocation between divorcing spouses of Military Retired Pay, including Survivor Benefit Plans (SBPs)

As a mediator, I aim to provide a comfortable, neutral space in which people with disagreements or challenging problems to solve can have the discussions that are needed to find a solution that meets the most important needs of everyone involved.  Call me for a free exploratory conversation.

Mediation From The Heart® (my philosophy and approach to mediation) focuses on helping people make well-informed, non-pressured decisions about the things that matter to them. When disagreements or complicated family challenges are framed as a shared problem to be solved, much more creativity is possible and much less acrimony fills the room.

Please call me or click here to discuss the possibilities.