Organizations are People Too!

In some ways, conflict within or between organizations is different from conflict between individuals outside of an organizational setting. But in fundamental ways, they are the same. For one thing, organizations are comprised of people. Only people make decisions and interact with other people within the organization and in other organizations. Most of the most important principles of conflict management and resolution apply across all settings.

My extensive training and years of experience as a dispute-resolution attorney in large organization allow me to offer mediation and other conflict-related services to organizations and their leaders.  For example, I can assist family-owned and other privately held businesses plan for leadership and ownership succession.  I can help organizations design internal conflict-resolution processes, so that future conflicts can be addressed early and constructively, and with a minimum of disruption and lasting discord.  And I can provide communication, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving training to leaders and groups within organizations.

Please get in touch to explore ways I can help you and/or your organization have greater success through more effective conflict management, help you be a better leader when it comes to the difficult conversations and conflict that are part of organizational life, help the organization and you as an owner and/or leader plan for leadership and ownership transitions so that the pain and disruption that too often accompanies these changes can be minimized, or help you resolve an ongoing conflict that is damaging morale and productivity right now within your organization or is currently harming an external relationship.