"Charlie helped us with our marital settlement agreement, and it was as peaceful and smooth a process as I could have hoped for. Charlie is thorough, knowledgeable, and kind — he began our work together by providing reading materials to help us get into the right mindset, and, when needed, offered helpful perspective on what other couples had tried (along with some of the potential benefits and drawbacks to consider) throughout the process. He helped us to work though emotionally charged issues like child support with information, composure, compassion and persistence. He was also very organized in terms of picking up where we left off with each session, covering a comprehensive set of topics, and getting our MSA written. He made our experience as painless as it could have been during a very emotional and difficult time, which is priceless. Thank you, Charlie!" - Divorce Mediation Client


"Just wanted to thank you again for your very thoughtful, helpful and generous time this evening! I truly enjoyed speaking with you and am very grateful for your insights, counsel and just great advice!" - Prospective Post-Divorce Client


"Charlie is a creative, compassionate and effective lawyer and business coach. In a critical joint-venture negotiation, I called on Charlie to help me think through my objectives and plan my negotiation strategy. He quickly grasped the situation. As we talked it through, Charlie helped me see the potential joint venture and the negotiations from a new angle. He then helped me frame my goals for the negotiation in a way more likely to appeal to my potential partner. This gave me extra confidence in the negotiation and we quickly reached agreement. Now my new partner and I aren’t distracted by uncertainty over our JV arrangements and we are totally focused on providing great value to our client. Thanks Charlie!" - Entrepreneur Client